Monday, September 20, 2021

Ereader books for 9/20/2021

Trial, Error, and Success
by Dr. Sima Dimitrijev & Maryann Karinch
Rating: 4.5

Everything in nature evolves by trial and error. We cannot avoid this fundamental method of natural evolution, but our human advantage is that we can think about and learn from the errors before trying again.

Trial, Error, and Success helps boost that advantage with 10 insights into realistic knowledge, thinking, and emotional intelligence. You will see throughout the book how successful thinking combines sharp analyses of new information with broad analogies to existing knowledge. The authors use real-life examples to show: How thinking can avoid overgeneralization traps. How to create new knowledge by trial-and-error thinking. How to reduce personal risk and maximize benefits by collective application of the trial-and-error process. It becomes obvious why machine learning and automatic actions cannot replace human intelligence and decision making!

Runaway Masters: A True Story of Slavery, Freedom, Triumph, and Tragedy Beyond 1619 and 1776
by Joseph Cotto
Rating: 5.0

For generations, they ruled over blacks and whites. They were--and still are--the Seminoles, the only American Indians who never surrendered to Uncle Sam. Runaways from other tribes, the Seminoles carved a kingdom for themselves out of the wilds of Florida, despite British and Spanish imperialists theoretically ruling the day.

The Seminoles also enslaved fugitives from American plantations, creating a slaveholding society unlike any other. When the Americans wanted not only their slaves back, but unsurpassed control over Florida, the Seminoles formed a groundbreaking alliance with those who they held in bondage. What happened next is an epic story of victory, defeat, friendship, betrayal, hard truths, damnable lies, integration, segregation, heroism, cowardice, deep respect, blind hatred, and--above all else--the struggle for survival.

Calaway Jones
by Blair Howard
Mystery/Detective Thriller
Rating: 4.6

When a detective is this good, his family inevitably ends up in the crosshairs...

Harry Starke has lost count of the criminals he's put behind bars, and death threats are part of the job description. But when a sniper's bullet comes within inches of Starke's wife, his whole world changes. It turns out an ex-congressman with an axe to grind doesn’t just want to kill the detective. He wants Starke to suffer...

To protect the people he loves, Starke must play cat and mouse with a deadly ex-Mossad agent. His only chance to keep his wife and crew alive is to crack the case in record time. If he fails, it won't be long until the assassin's aim finds its mark...

Edge of Magic
by Jayne Faith
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4.3

My name is Tara Knightley, and I'm on the Fae mafia's hit list. My childhood crush just rode back into town, too, and that may spell even bigger trouble...

My talent for sensing magical objects has made me a damn good professional thief for the past decade. But it's also what got me into a blood oath with notorious Fae mob boss Grant Shaw. My relationship with Shaw is rapidly souring, and I need to break free before it turns deadly. The solution? I must steal a magic skull from Shaw's biggest rival and deliver it to him, and then he'll nullify our blood oath.

The Dog Who Came to Stay
by Hal Borland
Biography & Memoir
Rating: 4.5

The national bestselling memoir of a friendship between a New England outdoorsman and the scrawny foxhound who came to his door one snowy day.

A longtime journalist and a winner of the John Burroughs Medal for distinguished nature writing, Borland tells the tale of the time he shared with Pat in this touching true story that "will appeal to many sportsmen and to all people who have ever been closely attached to a dog" (The New York Times Book Review).

Summertime in My Heart
by Billie Houston
Christian Fiction
Rating: 4.4

Fern Marshall has not seen her ex-husband in fifteen years. Their parting was less than amicable. Now she is faced him with telling him that their eighteen-year-old daughter has been in an automobile accident. If her bad news ended there, she could manage. Unfortunately, it does not.

Drew Marshall feels keenly his failure as a father. When his ex-wife brings a message that his daughter has been in an accident, guilt gnaws at him. He should have been there for her. Her next revelation shakes the foundation of his world; calling into question all he thought to be settled and sure.

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BookBub Deals for 9/13/2021


A Proposal to Die For
By Vivian Conroy
Lady Alkmene Callender is bored with London — until the suspicious death of a wealthy visitor! Can Lady Alkmene and journalist Jake Dubois crack the case? An irresistible mystery set during the roaring twenties.
Cozy Mysteries
$0.99  $3.99
By Olia Hercules
“This food is pretty extraordinary” (The New York Times): Explore Eastern European cuisine in your home kitchen with this gorgeous collection of over 100 recipes from a Ukrainian-born chef who offers “a gorgeous love letter to the food of her homeland” (Saveur).
$1.99  $11.99
The F Word
By Louie Anderson with Carl Kurlander
An Emmy Award–winning comedian offers an “entertaining and heartfelt portfolio” (Publishers Weekly) of stories from his chaotic upbringing as one of 11 children — from alien visitations to run-ins with the Swedish Mafia.
$1.99  $8.99
In the Wars
By Dr. Waheed Arian
“This book is a gift” (Khaled Hosseini). Born in war-torn Afghanistan, Waheed Arian spent much of his childhood in refugee camps before immigrating to the UK and becoming an NHS doctor. He chronicles his story in this “thrilling and absorbing read… What a life and what an inspiration” (Stephen Fry).
Biographies and Memoirs
$0.99  $23.99
A Dog Named Beautiful
By Rob Kugler
“Heartfelt and uplifting” (Publishers Weekly): Grieving the loss of his brother in battle, Marine veteran Rob found comfort and healing in Bella, a lovable chocolate Labrador. But when his cherished companion became sick, the two embarked on a cross-country road trip that would change both their lives forever.
Biographies and Memoirs
$2.99  $11.99
Perfect English Grammar
By Grant Barrett
Wall Street Journal bestseller: This comprehensive tome provides the tools you need to achieve expert communication skills. Includes core grammar rules, composition guidelines, and other valuable instruction!
General Nonfiction
$2.99  $5.99
What Matters Most
By Chanel Reynolds
Chanel Reynolds didn’t realize how unprepared she was for her husband’s sudden death — but now, she shares hard-earned wisdom and a practical plan to prepare for the unthinkable, from living wills to emergency funds. “How free I feel to have these tasks done” (Wall Street Journal bestselling author Vicki Robin).
Advice and How-To
$1.99  $11.99
How to Be a Tudor
By Ruth Goodman
An NPR Best Book of 2016: What was daily life like for commoners in Tudor England? Find out in this engrossing, meticulously researched history. “A revelation… It’s the next best thing to being there” (The New York Times Book Review).
$2.99  $9.99
The Gown
By Jennifer Robson
In this “satisfying multigenerational epic” (Publishers Weekly), the lives of three women are intertwined through the creation of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding gown. “Jennifer Robson embroiders life, friendship, and hope into the somber gray world of postwar London… Marvelous and moving” (Kate Quinn).
Historical Fiction
$1.99  $11.99


Sunday, September 12, 2021

BookBub deals for 9/12/2021


The Old Farmer’s Almanac Readers’ Best Recipes
By Old Farmer’s Almanac
Readers of the legendary, long-standing Old Farmer’s Almanac share time-tested family recipes and the unforgettable stories of how they came to be! This special cookbook offers nearly 200 beloved recipes, money-saving tips, and more.
$1.99  $12.99
On Hitler’s Mountain
By Irmgard A. Hunt
Born in 1934, Irmgard Hunt grew up just steps away from Hitler’s mountain retreat in the Berchtesgaden Alps. In this “moving, unsettling” memoir (Publishers Weekly), she reflects on a childhood spent in the shadow of a monstrous regime — and her mission to confront the truth about her nation’s past.
Biographies and Memoirs
$1.99  $7.99
Pure Invention
By Matt Alt
How did Japanese pop culture and technology go global? This “brilliant cultural survey” (Booklist starred review) examines the country’s many innovations and how they impacted the rest of the world. “Deep, engaging… A savvy study of Japan’s wide influence in ways both subtle and profound” (Kirkus Reviews).
General Nonfiction
$1.99  $11.99
The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People
By David Niven
Eager to uncover the secret to success? In this concise read, a psychologist draws on the findings of more than 1,000 scientific studies to reveal the key beliefs and habits of accomplished people from a myriad of backgrounds.
Advice and How-To
$1.99  $5.99
The First American
By H. W. Brands
With over 9,300 five-star Goodreads ratings, this “comprehensive, lively” portrait (The Boston Globe) of Benjamin Franklin mines unpublished letters and other primary sources for insights into the life of an early American Renaissance man. “The authoritative Franklin biography for our time” (Pulitzer Prize–winning author Joseph J. Ellis).
$2.99  $13.99
The March of Folly
By Barbara W. Tuchman
“A glittering narrative” (The New York Times Book Review) from a Pulitzer Prize–winning author: History is full of triumphs, but sometimes it’s the things that go wrong that resonate through the ages. Learn about terrible catastrophes — and how they shaped modern times.
$2.99  $14.99
Marie Benedict Box Set
By Marie Benedict
Uncover the lives of four little-known women who changed the course of history in this box set of captivating novels from a New York Times bestselling author! “Benedict is a true master at weaving the threads of the past into a compelling story for today” (USA Today bestselling author Susan Meissner).
Historical Fiction
$4.99  $29.99
Case of the One-Eyed Tiger
By J.M. Poole
When murder and theft turn a peaceful Oregon town upside down, all eyes turn to newcomer Zack Anderson! Can Zack find the real culprit with the help of his whip-smart corgi, Sherlock? A first-in-a-series whodunit with nearly 400 five-star ratings on Amazon.
Cozy Mysteries
Free!  $3.99


Ereader books for 9/20/2021

Trial, Error, and Success by Dr. Sima Dimitrijev & Maryann Karinch BARGAIN Non-Fiction/Business Rating: 4.5 Everything in nature evolves...